What's included?



  • Cherohala Skyway
  • Tail of the Dragon
  • Fontana Dam
  • Hidden Gems


  • Richard B Russell Scenic Highway
  • Brasstown Bald
  • Moonshiner 28

“Colby and I had a blast and we talked (bragged) about it for days to friends and family. The drive and experience was amazing and you did a fantastic job hosting the event and everyone made us feel very welcome into the group.

Getting the opportunity to exercise the RS5 on a guided road trip was the perfect opportunity for us to get to know the car. I’ve never owned a beast quite like it and haven’t felt comfortable really testing it on our local roads. I may sprint from here-to-there on occasion, but the other drivers out here make me nervous. You can expect us to join again. We’re looking forward to hopefully seeing some of the same guys and meeting new people on the next trip.”

Jack D
Rally Participant - Lake View Rally 2022

“I think a wide variety of people would enjoy this. Not only do you get a great driving experience, you’ve got great scenery, we stay in great places, we got great camaraderie. It’s for almost everybody in all walks of life, anybody who enjoys cars, anybody who wants to drive. Anybody who wants to improve their skills. And I think driving on the roads is different than driving on a circuit. To me you appeal to almost anybody who enjoys cars, who enjoys driving, and likes being out in the mountains there.”

Harvey S 2
Rally Participant - Lake View Rally

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come alone, or bring a partner?

Absolutely!  Typically, our events are made up of 1/4 couples and 3/4 singles. And by couples we mean spouse, partner, friend or child (over 16 years of age please).

What would I be paying for?

It’s a good question!

  • A high-performance driving specialist at the helm
  • Professional, performance driving tips
  • Undiscovered vantage points
  • Professional photography and videography
  • Welcome dinner
  • Morning coffees and 2 lunches
  • Extensively researched route planning: we know The Smoky Mountains like the back of our hands! And, all our routes are pre-planned to the mile – from surveying the road quality to assessing congestion and scoping scenery for photographic opportunities
  • Enthusiasm, passion and knowledge: spearheaded by self-driving specialist, Andy has participated in high-performance driving for over a decade and covered over 15,000 miles of driving in The Great Smoky Mountains, alone.
  • Branded shirt
  • Camaraderie: Our events are as much about a specialized driving experience as they are the people. And, the friendships developed are often lasting so share your passion with like-minded sports car enthusiasts
  • One on one, in-car coaching is available at an additional cost. Spaces are limited, on a first come first served basis.
What does a day of driving with RS Xperience look like?

We start at 8.30am and finish around 5pm. We have planned fuel stops, lunch and photo opportunities. So you’re looking at about five to six hours actual driving time. Any more than that, we’d be on our knees and thirsty for a cold one!

Before our first drive, Andy briefly shares car control techniques and rules of the road. All our drives are lead/follow with Andy in the lead. We give you the option for in-car coaching, from seasoned instructors, on either Thursday afternoon or Sunday morning (based on availability and at an additional cost).

On Thursday you can join us for lunch (at your expense), then a 2–3-hour drive, or you can just show up for the main drives on Friday and Saturday morning. You may also want to stay for a 2–3-hour drive on Sunday morning; your choice.

Which lodges do you suggest?