Connect with driving enthusiasts and advance your off-track technique. Our events are open to sports and performance car owners.

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Creating the Ultimate Mountain Driving Experiences!

Welcome to RS Xperience – where the thrill of driving meets a passion for enhancing your skills. Our unique driving events go beyond the ordinary, offering exhilarating itineraries designed to maximize your time behind the wheel.

“We had an absolutely amazing time” – Mitch H.

Discover the difference with RS Xperience. We prioritize your journey by dedicating time to boost your mountain driving car control skills. Our goal is to elevate your confidence and competence in everyday driving. Join us for an experience that combines the joy of driving with available personalized, one-on-one, in-car coaching. Whether you’ve recently acquired a new sports/performance car or seek to enhance your on-street skills, RS Xperience invites you to a fun, safe, and learning adventure.

What sets us apart? Nearly half of our participants return for future RS Xperience events, drawn back by the ongoing journey of skill improvement and the camaraderie of new friendships.

Bring your sports or performance car and forge lasting connections with fellow enthusiasts. Ready to elevate your driving experience? Explore our upcoming events and join us for a ride like no other.

“It totally exceeded my expectations. I had a blast” – Garrett S.

Escape the Summer heat in the Smoky Mountians!

Come join our Summer Retreat Rally August 22 – 25, 2024

Get ready to bring your sports car on the road trip of a lifetime. Join fellow sports car fans on an unforgettable lead/follow, all-inclusive driving experience through the Smoky Mountains. From iconic skyways to hidden gems, you’ll be driving famous roads, discovering new routes, and making new driving friendships.

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About Andy

Andy Papa

Founder Andy Papa has been immersed in the world of high-performance driving for over a decade. His vast experience includes thousands of miles on tracks like Barber, Putnam Park, Mid-Ohio, and Watkins Glen, and he has logged nearly 20,000 miles on the technical terrain of the Smoky Mountains.

With RS Xperience, Andy incorporates another passion: bringing enthusiasts together to share iconic drives while getting the most from the fine handling of their cars. Combined with his mastery of efficient car control, Andy’s knack for finding well-paved hidden gems make him the ultimate lead-car guide.